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Healing/Cleansing Bath Kits and Other Products. 


Book your Intuitive Reading, Tarot/oracle and Dream Interpretation 

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Spiritual Lifestyle Blog

Check out my wide selection of cleansing bath kits ranging from regular bath kits to healing and spiritual bath kits.


 Bath Kits can also be customised to suit your requirements. 

Bath kits prices may vary as they are available in a few sizes ranging from basic to deluxe.

You will also find available in my store candles ranging from scented to chakra candles. 

Incenses, Crystals and many more products to help support your spiritual journey.

Needing clarity on something re-occurring or occurring in your life? seeking clarity on your spiritual path or journey.

Currently in the middle of a new career path and would like some guidance and further clarity?


Having recurring dreams that you do not understand but bares heavy meaning and symbols?

Book a reading with me and let me assist you  in putting your mind at ease. 

( Read more about my journey in blog and about me section) 

As a woman and mother I am also currently on my own spiritual journey which I would like to share here within this spiritual lifestyle blog with my fellow soul tribe. A little support on any journey goes a long way 


To give you a little insight of what to expect from the spiritual lifestyle blog I am an explorer, dreamer, developer, thinker and so much more than meets the eye  Every project, Every experience I’ve taken on was guided by my curiosity, creativity and diligence.


I use this space to showcase my current healing and past healing work and also to detail upcoming plans as well as to make my presence felt in the world.


As spiritual beings seeking enlightenment, we are constantly changing and evolving, so what you see here today might not be here tomorrow...