The Goddyss of Light website was created and owned


by myself N .Chalene better known by my peers and soul tribe as Chae. 

Just like many of my peers  I have been soul searching on my spiritual path for a few years now... 

However each new lesson becoming a little more intense, a little more uncomfortable confronting the shadow. Often feeling a sense of achievement and reward all at the same time.

Once reaching a place of accepting the past traumas and old childhood/past wounds at this precise moment in time I  can honestly say it were a few major events which had occurred in my life over a period of time, that forced me to heal, to look deeper within and to feel exactly what had been blocked within me whether hidden, suppressed or old wounds.


I had always been an highly intuitive and prophetic but I began to notice as I healed I was clearing blockages that reopened up the portal to many gifts some of which I never even knew I possessed ( Praise to the Most High and my ancestors ) .

Which brings me here today..... sharing with my peers, my soul tribe, those seeking guidance, those seeking spiritual enlightenment, those still on a healing journey like myself.

The Goddyss Of light is not just a website or store . It is also my personal/a spiritual healing lifestyle blog and more which I am sure you will enjoy as much as I enjoyed making this site a safe haven for all. 

If you are here reading this,  I just want to say thank you kind spirit for visiting my little website and may your day be filled with blessings, love, prosperity and joy.

Remember you are blessed and serve great purpose here whether you know that yet or not. 

To assist me and learn more about my spiritual journey, get tips on self care, spiritual, healing/ cleansing kits, crystals and more, I would love for you to  please subscribe to my personal/lifestyle blog. 

Thank you and please enjoy .Xx

Yours Truly 

Chae Xx 







Intuitive reader & tarot reader/Healer