SERVICES & PRODUCTS - The VIP Treatment You Deserve


Dear Soul Tribe,


I am Chae,

Owner of the Goddyss of Light.

I want you to feel you’re getting the attention you deserve whenever you come by my store. 

THE GODDYSS OF LIGHT I  stand by my endless commitment to soulful satisfaction by providing the community, my soul tribe with a wide range of products and services. Let me pamper you.

You know you deserve it.

Love & Light 

Chae xx 


Mini Starter Healing Bath Kits 

Customised bath kits ranging from spiritual to healing to cleansing. Customised to meet your specific requirements ( only upon request)


Book Tarot or Oracle Spread 

Seeking clarity? Currently undergoing major transformation or seeking guidance? you can book a reading here also. 


Spiritual advice/Guidance & Dream interpretation

A bit of support goes a long way 

If you are seeking support or guidance on your journey and need clarity or some understanding on a dream